How We Work

Customer First

At Ceyone, we take regular feedback on the overall service deliveries from every customer. This CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) exercise done every quarter. We take feedback on the individual KRAs as per our Service Level Agreement, and also analyze every verbatim to understand the customer’s voice.


At Ceyone, we have a unique work process that ensures stringent quality control, seamless and continuous deliveries, knowledge exchange and transfer at all levels, and effective & transparent communication. The process has control mechanisms at all levels enabling the coordinators and management to be on top of the performance all the time.

Our unique process and control system enables achieve customized workflow, monitoring & review of performance, and communication. Our process management system follows the approach of PDCA (Plan, Do, Check and Act).

Quality Mechanism

We follow industry standard six sigma practices. Every induvial feedback from our customers is taken at utmost priority and are considered as a learning opportunity.

Our quality team performs RCA (Root cause analysis) followed by CAPA (Corrective And preventive Action) for every single feedback and error. The outcome of these tasks results in Training Needs Assessments that eventually becomes the topics for our regular training & feedback sessions. This continuous practice enables every individual to improve their performance resulting into their personal growth.


While starting a new project, our process experts analyze the requirement and build the design and quality process to give the required output. We take utmost care and design our process to make sure that the customer’s requirements are met and there is always room for further customization and changes in our process. Once a process is designed, it is communicated with all stakeholders and agreed upon before implementation.


Once the process is optimized and agreed by all the stakeholders, it I documented in form of a process manual. This manual is then used for training & audit purposes ensuring absolute compliance at all the levels. The regular audits are further documented in form of audit reports that are used for RCA and CAPA and also for future refences.

Continuous Improvement

We believe that there is always scope of improvement. In spite of having a customized and optimized process for each project, we take every individual project process and take it through the exercise of checking the possibility of any further improvement. These exercises are done based on the industry standard methodologies of Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma etc.